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Coping With Children Without Fathers In The Home

19 Jun

In a situation that a child is raised without their father it is imperative that the child be interacting with positive male role models. A girl child will learn to respect herself when growing up watching respectful male role models interact with women. A young boy will learn from example how to respect the future and present women in his life.

You want this positive male imagery to be present as early in life as possible. Can you think of any positive male role models? If not enroll your child where men are interacting and helping  children in a positive way.

  • School Programs
  • Church Programs
  • Boys And Girls Club

Dating Tip

Take your time when dating. Bringing a date home to your children to soon can cause a bad situation. Your family has to be secure and healed before moving on, just like you. Moving too fast can cause your child to suffer a lose should the relationship not work out.

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