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How To Green Clean Pesticides & Bacteria From Fruits And Veggies

17 Jun

Organic cleaning is a method of green cleaning which mean cleaning without any toxins.We know that our fruits and vegetables are already covered in pesticides and chemicals to preserve that great look and color. Not to mention shelf life!

We eat them to be healthy but know we are at a constant risk. How do we know that rinsing them cleans them? We don’t. But it does remove what ever is on the top of the skin. We don’t want to eat any chemical’s used to preserve the life of the store bought fruit.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables free of pesticides with your own Hydroponic System is another option, Yes you can build it yourself and you do not have to have soil. It can be adjusted to limited space.

It is best to get your produce from a wholefood store and pay for organic fruit. However this can be very expensive.We need to learn how to build our own organic garden.

How To Clean Fruit and Vegetables

But for now, here’s a method I want to teach you for sanitizing your fruits and vegetables. You can also use this natural method anywhere even on your meat to remove salmonella and other bacteria.

2 Spray bottles


white vinegar

Put the peroxide and white vinegar in separate bottles. Spray on food separately. Use dark bottle to prolong active ingredients.Never put in same bottle. They will cancel each others effectiveness out. But separately they will remove all types of bacteria and salmonella. Spray, spray rub, rub, rinse,rinse. It doesn’t matter which is spray first.

Keep this handy in your kitchen for all questionable bacteria mishaps. No more chemicals for you. This removes 10 times more toxins than Clorox bleach.According to Susan Sumner, a food scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

You can use a sponge to wash fruit to help remove toxins from fruit skin. Spray leafy vegetable in colander and rinse well, or soak in salt water and fresh lemon juice for 3 minutes.

Distilled water is best when cleaning food. It has been stripped of all contaminants.

You will greatly reduce the bacteria and germs in your food. But will not totally be rid of them if they were not grown organically. Get more useful green cleaning tips for home, health and life. Enjoy!

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