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Single Mothers Stop Looking For Love

19 Jun

Single Wisdom: Empowering Singles, Divorcees, Widows & Widowers for Living--A Purposeful Life of Integrity and Learning the Art of Establishing Healthy Romantic and Marital RelationshipsThere have been so many divorces that our children are growing up thinking fidelity is a myth. But the horrible thing is all the wonderful single mothers and dads are looking so hard for replacements. The whole family is now broke or fixed in some cases and have to heal from the life change.

Remember,the children are mourning from the death of their old life also. So be patient and close to family during this healing process. You got this new life and have to take time to adjust.

Allow structure and normality back in the family. Don’t run to the Internet and bars looking for the next ex. Instead lie you life to the fullest by reconnecting with your children and yourseles.

  •  Go on family trips.
  • Take a class.
  • Join the church  choir.
  • Get a gym membership.

The most attractive you is one that you loe and nurture. In your endeavors you will meet wonderful people on the same page as you. You will know that you are compatible because of the very specific places that you are meeting.

They will respect and appreciate that you make real time for your family and may want to become a part of your elite group.

Much Love!

(Dedicated to Susan!)


Protect Your Marriage From Divorce

1 Jun

Saving your marriage from divorce is not something to take lightly. Advice to save your marriage and stop divorce is available for the committed . It is pride that gets in the way of many reuniting with their spouses. Only pride will stop you from doing what is necessary to keep a marriage together.

You probably tried everything that didn’t and won’t work already. All the macho bs , begging, pleading, and stalking behaviour. Or maybe a lot of silence an uncomfortable conversations,belittling,or guilt tactics.This is only pushing her away. That is not the goal.

 How To Get Love And My Wife Back.

  • Stop being pushy.
  • Listen and stop talking.
  • Give both of you cool off time.
  • Do not make accusations.(Is it a man?)
  • Apologize if you are wrong.
  • Remember why you love her.
  • Show gratitude.

Some relationships seem like there is nothing else to fight for but believe me when you get over this terrible hurdle caused by years of fighting and raising a family, you will be a much stronger couple.

Going to family counseling will help each of you voice your locked up emotions that you may later find out is only a result from not properly communicating.

How many times have you heard people say “If only we talked more” or “We let the kids get in the way”? Don’t let this be you.



6 Ways To Save Your Marriage And Stop Divorce

  1. Put partners needs above your own without keeping tab.
  2. Make caring changes for the relationship even in front of others.
  3. Spend quality time together without TV or other people.
  4. Schedule romantic dates at a minimum of twice a month without fail.
  5. Write each other a love letter once a month in detail, to remind each how you feel about each other.
  6. If you have children don’t forget to make your spouse your first priority, they will be there after the children move out.(They might be the biggest kid. lol)

Your spouse will see your action and start to really hear and listen to you. Keep doing these things even if your spouse wants to separate. Just agree with the action of separation and keep up the positive support.

Arguing and begging will only push you further away, so resist from doing it. I know it will be hard to walk away but you really are showing respect and honoring your spouses decision without causing more pain. Use the time to prove how you changed.

Listening is what causes the breakdown in the marriage that results in a break up. Your spouse has their own perspective on how things are. Respect that to be able to come back. Learn professional strategies you can use right now to save your marriage and stop divorce.


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