Affordable Term Life Insurance-Protect Your Family Income

22 Jun
"What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance"Today we are looking for many ways to cut cost in the home and work place. Most of us  down graded and sacrificed to make ends meet.  Affordable Term Life Insurance is the one thing we can not afford to do without when raising a family.

Term Life Insurance is more affordable than whole life insurance which last in most cases to 100 and term life insurance last a certain amount of years then stops.

  • 15 yr term
  • 20 yr term
  • 30 yr term

The main purpose is for the families that need  affordable life insurance to protect against the lose of an income.

How Long Do I Need This Term Life Insurance?

You will need the your insurance to replace your income until your last child is out of college if you or your spouse should pass.

Do I pay less if a spouse is not working?

If you mean a stay at home parent, they do work. If that parent loses their life you would now be paying enormous cost for day care and after care. Not to mention missing work because of illnesses.  I would calculate what the extra care would cause and multiply it by the years it would take the youngest to finish college.

Can I borrow against my plan?

If you are investing the extra money you will be saving by using term life, you can borrow against that. If you are not saving the difference there is nothing to borrow.

How much should my policy be for?

Just calculate your income by how many years your youngest is out of college and allow extra for the rise of inflation.

How much do it cost?

Insurance is charge per $1000 (unit). The cost will change with your health situation. for instance you may pay $16 pr unit if your a 18 year nonsmoking female and $26 if your an 18 year old smoking female.

Males cost is slightly higher and the cost goes up the older you get. But you can afford more money on your life for a cheaper cost and later if you began to smoke or your health changes your policy will still stay the same.

The sooner you get your Affordable Term Life Insurance the better. Get your family protected against poverty by protecting your income. That will be the greatest gift you can give.


How To Get a Free Term Life Insurance Quote

“What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance”



Coping With Children Without Fathers In The Home

19 Jun

In a situation that a child is raised without their father it is imperative that the child be interacting with positive male role models. A girl child will learn to respect herself when growing up watching respectful male role models interact with women. A young boy will learn from example how to respect the future and present women in his life.

You want this positive male imagery to be present as early in life as possible. Can you think of any positive male role models? If not enroll your child where men are interacting and helping  children in a positive way.

  • School Programs
  • Church Programs
  • Boys And Girls Club

Dating Tip

Take your time when dating. Bringing a date home to your children to soon can cause a bad situation. Your family has to be secure and healed before moving on, just like you. Moving too fast can cause your child to suffer a lose should the relationship not work out.

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Single Mothers Stop Looking For Love

19 Jun

Single Wisdom: Empowering Singles, Divorcees, Widows & Widowers for Living--A Purposeful Life of Integrity and Learning the Art of Establishing Healthy Romantic and Marital RelationshipsThere have been so many divorces that our children are growing up thinking fidelity is a myth. But the horrible thing is all the wonderful single mothers and dads are looking so hard for replacements. The whole family is now broke or fixed in some cases and have to heal from the life change.

Remember,the children are mourning from the death of their old life also. So be patient and close to family during this healing process. You got this new life and have to take time to adjust.

Allow structure and normality back in the family. Don’t run to the Internet and bars looking for the next ex. Instead lie you life to the fullest by reconnecting with your children and yourseles.

  •  Go on family trips.
  • Take a class.
  • Join the church  choir.
  • Get a gym membership.

The most attractive you is one that you loe and nurture. In your endeavors you will meet wonderful people on the same page as you. You will know that you are compatible because of the very specific places that you are meeting.

They will respect and appreciate that you make real time for your family and may want to become a part of your elite group.

Much Love!

(Dedicated to Susan!)

Protect Your Marriage From Divorce

1 Jun

Saving your marriage from divorce is not something to take lightly. Advice to save your marriage and stop divorce is available for the committed . It is pride that gets in the way of many reuniting with their spouses. Only pride will stop you from doing what is necessary to keep a marriage together.

You probably tried everything that didn’t and won’t work already. All the macho bs , begging, pleading, and stalking behaviour. Or maybe a lot of silence an uncomfortable conversations,belittling,or guilt tactics.This is only pushing her away. That is not the goal.

 How To Get Love And My Wife Back.

  • Stop being pushy.
  • Listen and stop talking.
  • Give both of you cool off time.
  • Do not make accusations.(Is it a man?)
  • Apologize if you are wrong.
  • Remember why you love her.
  • Show gratitude.

Some relationships seem like there is nothing else to fight for but believe me when you get over this terrible hurdle caused by years of fighting and raising a family, you will be a much stronger couple.

Going to family counseling will help each of you voice your locked up emotions that you may later find out is only a result from not properly communicating.

How many times have you heard people say “If only we talked more” or “We let the kids get in the way”? Don’t let this be you.



6 Ways To Save Your Marriage And Stop Divorce

  1. Put partners needs above your own without keeping tab.
  2. Make caring changes for the relationship even in front of others.
  3. Spend quality time together without TV or other people.
  4. Schedule romantic dates at a minimum of twice a month without fail.
  5. Write each other a love letter once a month in detail, to remind each how you feel about each other.
  6. If you have children don’t forget to make your spouse your first priority, they will be there after the children move out.(They might be the biggest kid. lol)

Your spouse will see your action and start to really hear and listen to you. Keep doing these things even if your spouse wants to separate. Just agree with the action of separation and keep up the positive support.

Arguing and begging will only push you further away, so resist from doing it. I know it will be hard to walk away but you really are showing respect and honoring your spouses decision without causing more pain. Use the time to prove how you changed.

Listening is what causes the breakdown in the marriage that results in a break up. Your spouse has their own perspective on how things are. Respect that to be able to come back. Learn professional strategies you can use right now to save your marriage and stop divorce.


Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving a Lasting Love (New & Revised)  Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving a Lasting Love (New & Revised)

I Don't Want a Divorce: A 90 Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage  I Don’t Want a Divorce: A 90 Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage

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How Not To Buy A Forclosure Property- 5 Costy Mistakes

18 Apr
Foreclosure Investing For DummiesBuying foreclosed property is the way to go if your plan is to save money. But saving money is only a dream if you don’t have this information.

Even if you find an almost free foreclosed home there are costly mistakes people make everyday. Be armed with this knowledge and truly get your dream home without nightmare cost!

1.) Over Bidding

Over bidding is a mistake that happens very often. Lack of planning before hand can be costly.Once you bid over the asking price the pre existing appraisal can not be used and a new appraisal is required.

It’s best to bid the asking price or a little lower to avoid problems (cost) from a new appraisal.

2.) Taxes

Many people that are not aware that certain state transfer taxes from Federal Government ownership to a private buyer are waived. Causing many to over pay on transfer taxes of the foreclosed property.

A majority of lending companies are unaware also because of the small amount foreclosure transfer they do. You have to make sure they know the rule in your state in order to save this money.

3.) Home Inspections

You should always get a home inspection done to make sure your dream home will not cost you ridiculous amount of money in repairs. Also tell the inspector, who works for you to let you know of all repairs needed for the foreclosed home . This list will be needed for the escrow amount that HUD has offered for repairs once you buy the home.

4.) Leave Your Money In Your Pocket

Most people don’t understand that the Federal Government will allow you to include most planned repairs to be added into the mortgage amount. So why spent your money on repairs if you don’t have to.

5.) Paying For Appraisals

You don’t have to pay for an appraisal if you have your lender request the appraisal already purchase by HUD and used to finance the home. Using the existing appraisal will save you hundreds of dollars. Always use the free existing appraisal from HUD or VA to save time,confusion, and money on a new appraisor .

Solar Power Benefit-Save Thousands On Your Home

18 Feb

You have plans for your beautiful home and want it to be fabulous. You may plan to have your dream home built with all the bells and whistles of a luxurious castle. But with today’s prices you still want to be economically sound.

You find a builder that is great and talks to you about how your luxury home can be a highly performing home. He mentions things like build green and you begin to think your dream would not be as luxurious as you planned.

When we think of building green we think of giving up luxury for more upfront cost. You want to save money and help the environment , but at the risk of the beautiful home of your dreams?? Not necessarily so.

Solar power benefits to an Energy Efficient

  • Smart Investment– An energy efficient home increases value.
  • Great Performance- Better indoor air quality with protection from cold, moisture,mold,pollution,and noise.
  • Lower Ownership Cost-Years of living in an energy efficient home would save you thousands of dollars.
  • Confidence– Backed by government ENERGY STAR label which has to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines.

What Do I Need To Know About Green Home Building?

If you want an energy efficient home for you and the environment look at this efficiency video by for a real education that will help you in your current and future home.

When you see the benefits of lower utility bills you will agree that this is a no brainer.After looking at the video I had more knowledge of how to save money in my current situation I haven’t thought about before.

As far as your builder goes be sure he is willing to learn and is familiar with the concept .

Doesn’t Building Green Cost More?

Building green doesn’t necessarily cost more if you chose a builder that has experience building effluent homes on a normal basis. However if your builder of choice does not practice green building it could cost much more. So do you research.

How Can I Be Sure My Home Is Built Efficient?

At least ask your builder to use a An energy rating is a standard measurement of the home’s energy efficiency. The Energy Rater uses scientific test to find weaknesses and leaks in your homes structure.

Consult if purchasing a home.This should also be the first step for the builder as well. Compared with standard homes, ENERGY STAR qualified homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating-delivering $200 to $400 in annual savings

We as a nation are losing billions of dollars of wasted energy. Let’s learn to keep some of it in our pockets.With every dream have a plan.The solar power benefits aren’t to shabby either! will educate you about to gradual process of changing the ways you live, clean, and dispose of waste.

Find The Lowest Mortgage Rate

15 May

If your in a mortgage and want to find the lowest rates for lower payments, you have many options for looking online. Plus it’s easier today to do research with all the companies having websites with mortgage calculators and offering home mortgage tips.

  • Lower Payments
  • Save Thousands
  • More Money On Hand

Mortgage rates are now at an all time low. Do your homework and lower your monthly mortgage payment and save yourself a bunch of money. It’s worth the effort.You can find ways to get the lowest possible home mortgage even if you have bad credit.

Whats Keeping You From Getting The Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate/Lowest Monthly Mortgage Payment?

I know so many people are used to talking to live people about mortgage matters. However you can cover so much more ground online. The websites will calculate what you qualify for and some have live help to assist you.

It has been told that the Federal Reserve Bank will stop purchasing mortgage backed securities by the end of March.There is a possibility that this could drive the mortgage rates up a full per. point. This being said do your research and find out what you have to do to qualify for a lower mortgage payment.

Hopefully they stay low but one can never be so sure.

Currently a 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates around 4.8% while a 15 year fixed mortgage interest rates are around 4.2%. These are the averages of conventional mortgage rates.

Depending on the equity in your home and credit score you may be able to refinance below 5%. Your credit score may have to be above 740 ish.
The point is if you lower your home mortgage interest rate you lower your monthly payment.

Now Go Lower Those Rates!

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